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How to Protect Your Entire Home from High-Voltage Electric Surges

Most people know about and use wall surge protectors for some of their electronics. These devices — often called power strips or power bars — are used for safely plugging in computers and any other electronic devices that need an extra layer of protection. What most people don’t know is that they can protect their entire home from such electrical surges, not just specific devices, with whole home surge protection in New Braunfels.

What is a surge?

A surge sends a high level of voltage through AC lines. Surges are caused by lightning, utility disturbances, and sometimes just routine powering on and off of home appliances. An inrush current, the initial electrical current drawn when a device is turned on, is a common cause of these kinds of dangerous surges.

Whatever the cause, the result is an extra-large wave of electricity moving through the wires. And if there is no surge protection in place, that electricity could move through your walls and right into the electrical devices plugged in around your home.

Surges may last for a fraction of a second, but they can do a ton of damage. Sometimes the damage may not be obvious right away. It may take a week or even a year for you to notice, and during that time, further damage is being done. 

What does a surge do?

The effects of a surge can be devastating. Circuit cards, motherboards, hard drives: all of these electronic components can be destroyed by a powerful surge, resulting in expensive damage and irretrievable loss. Aside from the fried wires that need to be replaced, there will likely be some cosmetic damage to the area surrounding the outlet. Surges can even result in home fires in the worst situations.

How can I protect my entire home from an electrical surge?

These tiny bursts of energy are common, and many people use small wall surge protectors for their most prized electronics. However, many homeowners have moved to installing whole home surge protection systems in New Braunfels to protect everything in their home.

We recommend and offer installation of an incredible product called the Eaton Ultra Series Whole Home Surge Protector. This device is a surge protector that protects every single electrical outlet, and therefore every device, being used in your home. 

With a surge protection rating of 108KA, this device serves as a primary line of defense against damaging surges that enter the home. These devices work by immediately detecting when a surge in electricity occurs and diverting the excess voltage until the surge is over.

With this system, a main device is installed near the home circuit box to protect the electrical infrastructure of your entire home by suppressing any surges right from the start. There are a few different options for installation: 

  • the integral surge load center 
  • the externally mounted surge protection
  • the internally mounted surge breaker

We can work with you to decide what is right for your property.

Whole home protection doesn’t end with this single device. There is also a second line of defense. Smaller surge protectors can be used with appliances as back-up protection. Every outlet in your home can even be outfitted with a small surge protector for ultimate protection.

What are the benefits of whole home surge protection in New Braunfels?

There are several benefits of investing in a whole home surge protection system. Insurance companies know that electrical damage is a common occurrence for most homeowners, and whole home surge protectors can protect against this kind of catastrophic event. As a result, many home insurance providers may offer a discount to customers who invest in a New Braunfels whole home surge protection system. A one-time installation can result in years of savings on your insurance premiums. 

Homeowners can also save money over time by not having to replace or repair expensive electronics that were damaged by electrical surges. 

It’s not a given that your home will be touched by electrical damage. However, one benefit you can definitely count on is the years of peace of mind you will enjoy knowing you’ve done all you can to protect your home and property. Whole home surge protection is insurance on its own.

How can I get whole home surge protection in my home?

If you are currently building a home, installing a whole home surge protection system is a no-brainer. Call us today for an estimate. These systems are also ideal for people who own several expensive electronics and are currently using a wall surge protector. If you’re interested in learning more about whole home surge protection, contact us today.

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