The best electricians in Universal City work at Afton Electric, LLC. That’s because professionals want to be a part of the winning team. When it comes to electricians, Afton Electric is the go-to service in this region because they’ve provided incredible electrical repair service for many years in and around Universal City. They have built a solid reputation for great customer service and exceptional electrical work. For that reason, Afton attracts the best talent in Texas. Universal City locals know to call Afton Electric, LLC, whether the job is big or small, residential or commercial.

Universal City Electricians

Afton Electric strives to be the best electrical service provider that comes to mind when a customer needs an electrician in Universal City. That’s why we seek out the most reliable and qualified electricians in Texas to join our team. Customers know they can count on us for quality work every time.

All of Afton’s Universal City electricians are licensed and accredited. Asking an electrician for their credentials can be awkward, but it’s important. That’s why Afton provides their qualifications without being asked. The office staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Afton can figure out the electrical services for you, or listen to your unique vision and make it happen. Hire Afton Electric to complete your electrical work, and you can expect a Texas-licensed electrician with relevant experience and customer referrals to show for it. Check out Afton’s great reviews at Home Advisor.

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Residential and Commercial

New construction is everywhere in Universal lately. whether it’s for a residential or commercial job, check out Afton Electric, LLC. Many new local features have recently been built in anticipation of the population growth. Community areas like the Northview Splashpad, as well as the business parks and easy access to interstates, make Universal City an opportune place to start or grow a business. Afton Electric can help with both.

Afton doesn’t service only businesses. Homebuilders in Universal City rely on Afton to perform the electrical work in many of the homes being built in subdivisions and housing developments. Afton has a reputation for getting things done right the first time.

Whether you need an electrician for a huge warehouse or a small residential upgrade, Afton has you covered!

Affordable Electrical Services in Universal City

Construction supply prices have risen across the board. Professional craftsmen and electricians are struggling to keep up with the need in Universal City. Afton is committed to helping all Texas residents fix their electrical problems. Even as other companies in the area charge exorbitant rates, Afton is committed to offering great electrical service at fair prices. Afton Electric has amped up its capacity to serve the high demand for electricians in the area Afton always comes through.

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Construction Electric

So many people are currently searching for electricians in Universal City that they’ve created a shortage.. The droughts aren’t making it any easier! We’ve heard from many customers that are taking what they can get just to get the job done. This almost always leads to negative results. Don’t waste your time and money hiring an inexperienced general laborer without much training in electrical work.

Some of the workers currently available in Universal City are out-of-state service providers who are here to make money off the urgent need for electricians. Call Afton now so you don’t end up calling them to fix someone else’s mistakes.

Afton Electric is just as busy as the other electrical companies but they are committed to serving both new and longtime clients in Universal City with the same quality they always have. Don’t wait to call for an estimate. Afton works on commercial and residential electrical projects. They have a staff of friendly, qualified, trustworthy electricians ready to help. Give Afton a call when you need to complete an electrical project in Universal City at a great price.

Electrician in Universal City

Universal City electricians are in high demand. Don’t know who to call? Afton Electric takes the worry out of choosing the right electrician. If you need an electrician in Universal City, give us a call. Afton Electric performs both residential and commercial electric work. We have experience with custom electrical projects, home automation, new construction, and commercial electrical installation in or around Universal City and throughout Texas. Call us today for an estimate on your electrical project.

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