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Things to Look for in a Residential New Construction Electrician

Choosing the right electrician for residential electric services on a new construction job can be difficult. So many details go into constructing a new home. Many people find they get so consumed by the design and project management aspects, crucial elements such as electrical requirements can be overlooked. Finding experienced new construction electrical contractors can be the difference in a project that goes smoothly and one that causes headaches.

The electrical wiring of your new home may not be the first thing you want to think about. You may not even know where to start. That’s why it is extremely important to choose the right electrician. If you get this choice wrong, the consequences can range from a mere inconvenience to major health and safety issues. It pays to ensure your home is electrically safe. Safety should be the number one priority in new builds.

Hiring the right electrician is one of the most critical decisions you will make. We wrote up a list of the most important things to look for in an electrician as well as red flags to watch out for when hiring an electrician. Following this list will save you a ton of time and aggravation. 

What to Look For When Hiring New Construction Electrical Contractors

  • Hiring a licensed, bonded and insured electrician is imperative and will get you the safest results. The best electricians will be up to date with the National Electrical Code.  
  • Ask who will be doing the work. You want the electrician you hired, not their assistant. 
  • Look for someone with several years of experience. Your electrician should come highly recommended. They should have some satisfied customers who can vouch for their work so you know they are reputable and reliable. 
  • They should provide a fair deal, but always choose experience over price.  
  • Ideally, new construction electrical contractors should specialize in residential electric service, custom electrical projects, home automation, electrical repair and residential construction.  
  • Be sure to find out what kind of warranty is offered on the work that is done. A good electrician will be willing to stand behind their work and fix any issues that arise. You want to be able to trust that your electrician will be there for you through the entire installation process and after. Peace of mind is priceless!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, read reviews from former clients and check references. This is how you ensure the job will get done the right way the first time. 

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring an Electrician 

  • Never hire someone who is not licensed and insured. If they don’t carry general liability and workers comp. insurance, be wary. If there is any doubt, ask to see their certificates. If they cannot provide proof, continue your search.
  • Fly-by-night night electricians might be cheaper at the outset, but they can cost you big time in the end if they don’t follow local building codes. They disappear as quickly as they appear, leaving you liable for the problems in your home wiring. 
  • Someone who is not credible will not have good references, or they may have fake references. Make sure to actually check at least some of the references for accuracy. 
  • Your electrician should be able to provide a quote and an adequate timeline for when the work will be completed. 
  • If the electrician does not take your concerns seriously, that can be a red flag. 
  • Don’t be misled by an electrician’s hourly rate. A truly skilled, well-equipped professional that charges a premium rate is a much wiser choice than an inexperienced amateur working with inadequate tools and no parts but charging much less. 
  • Following local codes is particularly important when it comes to electrical work because faulty wiring can lead to short circuits or an electrical fire. An electrician who cuts corners, such as not obtaining the proper permits, is a huge red flag. 

Your home wiring will be closely evaluated in an inspection, and if the work is not up to par, you can be held liable. Do your due diligence and confirm that the work is done following all guidelines to avoid any penalties. 

Where can I find an experienced electrician for new construction? 

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