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Things to Look for in a New Construction Commercial Electrical Contractor

Commercial electric comes with special requirements that a home electrical contractor won’t always be able to handle. For this reason, it’s important to hire an electrician for new construction in commercial spaces in the New Braunfels area. 

Commercial Safety

Businesses big and small draw a lot of power. From basic office equipment all the way up to warehouse machinery, commercial locations have different electric requirements than residential locations. Because of the demands that are put on commercial electrical systems, it’s necessary to hire a contractor who can install a system to meet safety needs. 

Similarly, commercial repairs require an electrician familiar with commercial spaces to be safe. Whether a business requires a simple electrical repair or an entire overhaul, hiring a commercial electrician will ensure safety.

Peace of Mind 

Reputable electricians are licensed, bonded and insured. This is for their clients’ protection as well as their own. Businesses who choose electricians that have these protections in place specifically for commercial jobs will have peace of mind in knowing that they are protected from a variety of issues that could arise during any job. 

Electrical Needs

A commercial electrician not only knows how to get the job done safely but also provides efficient service. When an electrical system is down or needs to be installed, that means downtime for the business. This downtime can lead to lost productivity and profits no matter what sector the business is in. Working with an electrician who is not familiar with commercial electricity can cause the project to take longer (among other more serious problems). By hiring someone who is familiar and comfortable with businesses of any size, companies reduce the amount of downtime for electrical issues. 

When hiring an electrician for new construction, businesses should be sure that the one they choose is able to meet their needs and familiar with their business size. Otherwise, the job could take twice as long (and still not be completed correctly).

Knowledge of Hazards

From other businesses nearby to underground wiring and other issues that are specific to commercial locations, an electrician must be careful when dealing with hazards. For this reason, businesses are held to a different standard and must be able to meet different code requirements than residential locations. Your New Braunfels commercial electrician should not only be aware of the hazards associated with your business’s electric but should also be aware of commercial codes.

Needs for Surge Protection

Power surge protection is so much more than plugging a bar into the wall and thinking that a computer’s protected. While this may pass for home use, it does not provide the same type of protection in commercial spaces. Because of the way many commercial buildings are designed, surge protection is different than it is for residential properties. Most residential locations use two-phase power systems at most while many businesses require three-phase systems. These systems are used to power demanding office equipment and machinery. Surge protection is necessary to protect this equipment and ensure that data is protected for all types of businesses.

Unique Needs 

Perhaps a business needs electrical outlets installed on the ceiling for projection equipment or several outlets close to each other for office equipment. These are unique needs that are not often seen in residential electrical installations or upgrades. Electricians who work primarily with residential customers may not be familiar enough with these types of outlets or these needs and may not install them correctly. A commercial electrician will understand the special needs that a business has and will be able to meet those needs so their electric is installed correctly — no matter where they want an outlet! 

Ease of Upgrades With a New Construction Electrician

When installing electricity in businesses, an electrician will understand that the business may need to upgrade in the future. For that reason, they will often make the electric easier to access so that the business can upgrade the electric or make repairs without causing too much damage. 

Since commercial electrical systems come with different requirements and hazards than residential electric, finding someone who can install or repair the electric at your business is essential. When you work with Afton Electric, you can be sure that you’re getting the best electric service at a value that meets your needs. Contact us today for an electrician who can handle your new construction commercial electric needs.

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