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How to Properly Light Your Home Office

Many people have adjusted to working at home, and companies around the world are considering letting them continue to work from home. Many students have also fallen in love with cyberlearning. As a result, we’ve seen huge growth in the amount of people looking to upgrade a space in their home so it can serve as a home office or learning space. And the most common request is an upgrade to the best lighting for home office use. At Afton Electric, we can help you with home office ceiling lighting and electricity considerations.

A folding table, lamp and laptop may have gotten you through the pandemic, but if you will be working from home for a long period of time, you should put some consideration into what you require in order to perform good work. Creating your home office is about building a place that is perfectly conducive to you and your needs. No matter what you do for a living, you need lighting that allows you to do your best work in as much comfort as possible.

Natural Light

One of best types of lighting for your home office is natural lighting. Natural light isn’t just great at lighting up any workspace. It can also help to improve your mental health. Exposure to natural light helps human beings stay happy. This is why people who work in an environment without natural light may begin to suffer from seasonal depression. Of course, if there are no natural light sources in the home office space (and, often, there are not), you can still create a work environment with lighting that mimics natural light and can help keep you happy as you work.

Incorporate Indirect Light

Forget the single lamp directed right at the task in front of you. This is the old-fashioned way of lighting a workspace. Direct light can often be harsh on the eyes, which is not something you want to be exposed to for eight hours daily. The most ideal solution is a combination of both indirect and ambient light that work together to brighten up your work environment without creating overly bright light. We like to use several lighting sources around a room so that every place in the workspace is visible and lit up, and no shadows or glare are created by the lights or their placement.

Incorporate Direct Light As Needed

While indirect light is sufficient for offices, many customers like to have a bright light available for situations that call for it. Task lights offer brighter light and can usually be pointed at one specific area and redirected as needed. People who work on computer screens for long hours are often surprised at how much relief task lights offer. Even though computer screens are already lit up, task lights can help to relieve the eye strain some people experience from staring at screens all day. We can ask you a few questions about your work style and use the information to help you choose the perfect task light for your specific job.

Maximize Space

Especially in home offices, space can be at a premium. Many professionals do not want a lamp sitting in their workspace because it takes up too much desk real estate. If you tend to move around a lot while working, you may also be concerned with knocking over a light source. We offer a lot of modern space-saving options such as home office ceiling lighting or wall sconces that can be wired into your home office electricity. These types of light sources offer maximum light while causing as little intrusion as possible into your workspace.

Have Fun

Have you ever seen a lamp or lighting fixture that made you smile? You may have thought, “Sure it’s beautiful, but it’s too impractical!” You need something that will illuminate your workspace, but lighting isn’t only about function. People tend to enjoy their work more if they allow themselves some treats to make the work day more enjoyable. If a banker’s light makes you feel more professional, or a neon sign with your favorite mantra gets you psyched to do your job, we can make it happen. And these lighting sources do have a purpose. Anything that makes you happy while you work has a place in your home office.

Afton Electric Can Help Light Your Home Office Right

Hiring a professional for your home office electricity takes the worry out of completing repairs and upgrades in your home office. If you need assistance installing the best lighting for your home office or learning space, give us a call. Afton Electric specializes in residential and commercial electric work, including custom electrical projects like home office ceiling lighting, home automation, new construction and commercial electrical installation in Schertz, New Braunfels and Comal County. Call us today for an estimate on your electrical project.

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