mistakes to avoid when hiring an electrician

Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Hiring an Electrician

We know that finding a good electrician is difficult. We are on a constant search for the best electricians in Comal County so we can add them to our team so we know what to look for. Hiring an electrician doesn’t have to be a crapshoot. If you know what to ask and how to evaluate the answers, you can avoid the common mistakes people make when hiring an electrician. 

Here are the 6 electrician mistakes we see people make over and over again when hiring someone to do their electrical work. Be a smart consumer and know what you’re getting into when you hire an electrician.

1. Ask if They Guarantee Their Work

You can’t imagine how many people tell us they just assumed there was a warranty when they hired an electrician. Isn’t there always an implied warranty? The simple answer is no. Professionals who know what they are doing are happy to guarantee their work. Ask ahead of time about warranties or guarantees on the work for peace of mind that if the work is done correctly, it will be repaired at no cost to you. This is most important when working with someone who is new to the field or unknown to you.

2. Ask About the Cost Before the Work Begins 

This is a very important step in case something goes wrong, like a bigger problem popping up mid job. An honest and reputable electrician will always be upfront with you about cost. There are some rare instances when damage is more extensive than previously thought and the price has to be changed, but this is something you should be told about every step of the way–not a surprise after the work is done. However, when you don’t ask how much something will cost, the person you hired can give you any number they want once the work is completed. If you don’t know the person very well (and even if you do), get on the same page when it comes to money. This is a big one. It’s amazing how many people feel uncomfortable talking about money so they just don’t ask.

3. Get ALL the Facts on the Written Contract

You need some kind of contract that spells out exactly what will be done, when and how much it will cost. Whether the job is big or small, you should ask for a quote and a written contract prior to the start of the electrical work. This serves two purposes. Obviously, you want to know the price before you agree to pay. But you also want to make sure you and the electrician are on the same page when it comes to how much work is involved and how much time it will take.

4. Check Their Credentials When Finding a Good Electrician

When you are dealing with a reputable agency that’s been around for years like Afton Electric, this one isn’t as important as it is when you are hiring an independent contractor. Anybody can say they’re licensed. Ask to see the proof. Real professionals have proof of their qualifications. You want to know they are trained, licensed and insured. Some states require extra certifications as well. 

5. Look for Satisfied (and Unsatisfied) Customers

Hiring people is difficult. You have to find them, call them, research them. A lot of people cut corners to save time by skipping this step: check the reviews. It takes two minutes to Google the name of the company and the word “reviews,” but those two minutes can save you a ton of money and aggravation. Look for a few satisfied customers and watch out for repeated complaints about the same sort of mistakes like disappearing before the job is finished or doing poor work.

6. Get a Feel for the Person or People Doing the Electrical Work

While all of the above are really important, meeting the electrician or electrical team working on your project is an important step in getting the right person for the job. Especially if the job is going to take a while and you need to spend an extended amount of time living or working around this team, a good fit is imperative. 

You already know Afton Electric, LLC, has a sterling reputation for well-done electrical repairs and services. We are also known for our exceptional customer service. We are in the business of earning lifelong customers.

Finding a good electrician can be hard. After you’ve been doing electrical repair work for as long as the professionals at Afton Electric, LLC, you’re bound to hear some crazy stories about nightmare electrician mistakes. We’d like to think we’ve heard it all, but people never cease to amaze us. Don’t be one of the electrical horror stories. Call us today for an estimate on your custom electrical job.

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