Electricians in San Marcos, Texas

When you search for a professional electrician in San Marcos, TX, whether it’s for a residential or commercial job, you’ll likely stumble upon Afton Electric, LLC, before long in your search. Afton’s great reputation is the result of years of building relationships with our customers in the San Marcos region and proving our worth with fine work that stands the test of time. We’re a residential and commercial electrician in San Marcos TX offering a variety of services for our clients.

When you need an electrician, call Afton Electric first. We have San Marcos-based electricians on call to help you. We maintain a consistent high-star review on Home Advisor because you can rely on Afton to always provide exceptional customer service in addition to well-done work. Our happy customers leave us great reviews that speak for themselves.

san marcos residential electrician

You’re not imagining it.
Finding a Residential Electrician in San Marcos, Texas has gotten harder lately.

New construction is popping up everywhere as people get back to their regular busy lives in San Marcos. Every aspect of the construction industry is booming and electrical work is no exception. Prices on supplies have gone up, and businesses are struggling to keep up with the need for craftspeople in the area. Afton is committed to helping all San Marcos residents and businesses get their power running. We are always accepting new customers. We’ll do all we can to make you a repeat customer.

With such high demand for electricians in San Marcos, many people are lowering their standards just to get the job done fast. Slow down! Don’t waste your time and money hiring a fly-by-night general laborer without much training. These pop-up service providers are only here to make money off the San Marcos construction boom.

Afton is a long-standing Texas-based company run by a real Texan business owner. When you support Afton, you get reliable, timely electrical work with the added bonus of knowing you helped grow a small business that plans to stay in San Marcos as long as you’ll have them.

Experienced San Marcos Commercial Electricians are in high demand.

With the end of restrictions and regular life in sight, businesses are coming back and are busier than ever. Locals can’t wait to get outdoors and spend some money! New businesses open daily across San Marcos. We have electricians experienced in commercial electrical projects ready to get your business up to code so you can serve the public.

Many San Marcos electricians are still making repairs from this year’s massive winter storm that wiped out power across the state. This extremely high demand for electricians in San Marcos has led to higher prices and long delays for necessary work.

Afton Electric wants to help businesses get back on their feet as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve amped up our ability to serve San Marcos businesses. We want to help you open your doors to the public YESTERDAY. Just like you do.

san marcos residential electrician

We understand how hard it is to find a good electrician in San Marcos.

We only hire the best electricians in San Marcos so we know what’s out there. You want an electrician who will do the job right in the promised time frame. Afton knows the importance of sticking to the schedule. We provide the best-quality electrical work as efficiently as possible. No do-overs. No surprises. End of story.

The best electricians in San Marcos work at Afton Electric.

Afton Electric aims to be the number-one electrical service that comes to mind when you need an electrician in San Marcos. Whether you need an electrician for a huge warehouse or a small home upgrade, we will provide exceptional customer service and fine craftsmanship. That is how we attract the best team members–quality electricians seek us out.

Our electricians are experienced, licensed and insured. Our office staff is friendly and able to take your specs or help you figure them out if you’re unsure exactly what you need. We can figure out the electric needs for you, or we can listen to your unique vision and complete the custom work to make it happen. We look forward to helping you finish your electrical project.

How do I get an electrician in San Marcos?

Afton Electric takes the worry out of choosing the right electrician for your job. If you need an electrician in the San Marcos area, give us a call. Afton Electric performs both residential and commercial electric work. We have experience with custom electrical projects, home automation, new construction and commercial electrical installation in or around San Marcos. Call us today for an estimate on your electrical project.

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