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What You Need to Consider When Choosing a San Marcos Electrician

San Marcos electricians are in demand these days in our area and that’s causing some people to lower their standards when it comes to hiring help. However, electrical work is not a place where you should skimp. Electrical work done wrong can cause huge expenses and devastating injuries and damage. Every job is different and you go in several different directions when you choose the right tradesman for the job. Here are some places where you just can’t afford to skimp when it comes to choosing a Texas electrical company.

Make sure your electrician is licensed and insured.

The most basic and first thing you need to know is whether the electrician has a license and insurance. While much knowledge is picked up on the job, having a license shows the candidate has proven themselves and their knowledge. And insurance lets you relax in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong, it will be repaired without greater expense to you.


Anyone can write “licensed and insured” on their marketing materials so do your due diligence. Do an online check if possible and check the license to see if it is current. Having a license and insurance is the most important factor in choosing the right San Marcos electrician.

Make sure your electrician has experience in what you need.

An electrician is an electrician, but just like in any other field, there are all kinds of specialties. Don’t hire someone who specializes in something else but will give your project a try. Get a person who has experience doing exactly what you need to be done.

A Master Electrician will offer the most knowledge and experience but will also be the most expensive. Even Master Electricians have specialties. Good electricians list several areas of expertise. Look for  Texas electrical company that specializes in exactly what you want.

Compare prices before you buy.

Supply and demand are alive and well in the world of electricians. When everyone needs an electrician, prices tend to go up. However, some contractors take it to the extreme. Get more than one quote when you need something done. Get at least three. 

This extra step will give you an idea of the range of normal prices so you can easily spot someone who is overcharging you. You also want to spot the people giving super-low prices. They may be inexperienced in pricing jobs and you may end up paying a higher price anyway.

Check your electrician’s references before you hire.

Many people start with their electrician search by asking a friend if they have any recommendations. That’s because happy customers are proof that someone does good work. Someone willing to give a person a great review is proof that this professional will not only do the job to completion but also do it well.

If your friends can’t recommend a good electrician in San Marcos, ask the electricians you find for testimonials and reviews. A good review shows something else about your electrician. Your satisfaction is important to them. Good electricians go above and beyond to get your approval because they know good reviews sell their services.

Hire an electrician who is easy to reach and easy to work with.

Responsible people get back to you — or have their assistant get back to you — in a timely manner. It’s really frustrating to deal with unanswered emails and calls or miscommunications when you are working with an electrician or any craftsman. If you need to send your contractor an urgent message, how can you be sure they received the message?

Part of respecting the customer is showing up when you should, being pleasant to deal with and being available to respond to the customer’s concerns. When an electrician doesn’t return calls and doesn’t have the patience to answer your questions, it is a sign that they may be taking on too much work without the proper resources to complete it all. You don’t want to be battling with other customers to get your electrician’s attention. Take note from the very start about how easy it is to communicate with your electrician. Quirks that seem small at the beginning tend to grow very annoying over time.

Relax and let a professional do it.

People call an electrician or a Texas electrical repair company for peace of mind, but calling the wrong electrician can make things worse. You want the job done correctly, and a licensed professional who shows all of the attributes outlined here is your best bet. 

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