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Common Electrical Issues You Could Face

A big problem with DIY home electrical repair work is that you might not see the warning signs of a big electrical issue as fast as a professional would. Pay attention to anything that doesn’t seem right, but especially the things we’ve outlined below. If a job ends up being bigger and more complicated than you anticipated, don’t be afraid to call it quits and call a professional who can help with electric repair services.

First, Check the Laws in Your Neighborhood

The first mistake DIYers usually make has nothing to do with wires and electricity. It happens before the job even starts. It has to do with permits. Before you start the work, call your town hall or HOA to ask if there are any permits necessary when performing electrical work.

Many towns and municipalities have laws in place that require someone to be licensed to do electrical work. If you are not a licensed electrician and you’re doing electrical work, you could be breaking the law — even in your own home. 

Listen for Buzzing and Other Weird Noises

Buzzing is a red flag that there are wiring issues or some other behind-the-scenes problem. If something is buzzing, figure out exactly where the sound is coming from. If something behind the wall or one of your outlets is buzzing, call an electrician to check it out.

Investigating on your own could put you at risk.

Stay Alert for Blinking or Flickering Lights

Big electrical problems can often cause fluctuations in the amount of power moving through the wires. This is most obviously noticed in your lights. If while you are working on a DIY electrical project and lights begin to dim or brighten, flicker or turn off, you have a problem that might be bigger than you think. An electrical repair service can find the problem and get your electricity flowing smoothly again.

On the same note, outlets that suddenly stop working or only work sometimes are letting you know something is wrong behind the scenes. Don’t ignore these problems even for a little while. 

A Blown Fuse Is A Warning

Older homes are the most likely to experience blown fuses because of their often outdated electrical systems. A surge of electricity comes through and the circuit breaker trips the wire to save the rest of the electrical work in your house from being damaged by the surge. If you are doing work and you experience a tripped wire more than once, get a licensed electrician to find out what is causing those surges before you try to fix it yourself! 

Do you smell something burning?

A burning smell is a sign that something is seriously wrong. It goes without saying that nothing in your wiring or hardware should be getting hot enough to burn. If you smell something weird while you’re working on any project in your home, stop what you’re doing and call a professional electrical repair service immediately.

Look for Black Marks

A black mark on an electrical outlet is a sign that a circuit has overloaded. It could also be a sign of loose wiring somewhere along the line. There may have been sparks or even flames that caused this damage. If some of your DIY work resulted in such damage, call an electrician immediately to find out what happened and to fix the issue.

Before You Think of Doing it Yourself, Check Your Home Insurance Policy

Check the details of your insurance policy. You are looking for two things in particular. Check if you are allowed to perform your own electrical repairs. Many policies make it clear that electrical work can only be done by a licensed electrician. The other reason to check your policy is that depending on the problem you are having, it may be covered by your insurance policy. That’s what you pay premiums for so take advantage of it.

Call an Electrical Repair Service When a DIY Job Goes Wrong

DIY is usually not the way to go when it comes to electric work. While you can do things like laying new floors and upgrading your cabinets, there are other things that require more skill. Hiring a professional electrician is a safer, easier way to go — even if you’ve already started. We can pick up where you left off. 

We send our experts out to complete home electric repairs and upgrades in your residential space. Afton Electric specializes in residential and commercial electric work, including custom electrical projects, home automation, new construction and commercial electrical installation in New Braunfels and Comal County. Call us today for an estimate on your electrical project.

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