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Getting the Best Commercial Lighting for Your Business

Believe it or not, there is an art to commercial electric LED lighting. If you’re trying to put your place of business as well as your products in the best light, we can help you get the best results. Several factors go into a commercial lighting plan. Our professionals can help you install a state-of-the-art commercial lighting system that fits you and your customers’ needs.

Keep Your Commercial Electric Lighting Current

Fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs are now being replaced by modern lights such as LED. Businesses across different industries are now investing in LEDs for their effectiveness and operational benefits. LED lights for commercial lighting are durable, ideal for factory floors, outdoor use and even extreme temperatures. Fluorescent lighting products may be cheaper than their more-efficient LED counterparts right now, the drawbacks of fluorescent lighting need to be considered. 

Fluorescent lights need a warm-up period to operate. As they heat up, they use more energy. As the light gets older and less efficient, it requires more and more energy. Fluorescent lights age much faster if they are turned on and off frequently.

Standing under fluorescent lights isn’t good for you or your employees. Research has shown the effects on people are similar to that of standing in the damaging rays of the sun — not quite as intense of course. But fluorescent light exposure over time can affect the health of your team.

There’s no loss of quality when you move to LED lighting. LED lights are bright and available in a full rainbow of colors. They do not produce as much heat as most light sources. They do not need to warm up like fluorescents making them bright and intense from the second you flick the switch.

Get Sustainable

Many customers now ask about environmental factors. Fluorescent light bulbs are made with toxic materials, such as mercury, that are harmful to people and the planet. If a fluorescent bulb breaks, people in the vicinity may be adversely affected. 

Commercial lighting has always been built with the intent of creating little waste and efficient energy. LED technology will not only bring down your energy bills but also have less of an effect on the environment. LED bulbs drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

LED lights generally have a long life, usually around 10,000 – 50,000 hours, or about ten years. They are also reliable and need much less energy to operate than their fluorescent counterparts. All of these benefits make them the more sustainable choice as they have a smaller impact on the environment and produce less waste.

Lights Now Come with Bells and Whistles

Obviously, you want your lighting system to light up your offices and showroom, but today’s commercial lighting does a lot more than provide light. Modern commercial lighting comes with several features that make lighting efficient and easy to operate.

Schedule When Lights Go On and Off. No more fumbling in the dark with your alarm system upon entering your office building. You can now schedule your lights to turn on and off at convenient times to save energy. Leaving lights on all the time is a surefire way to waste energy and money.

Program Lights to Automatically Adjust to Current Conditions. Whether it be sunny or a cloudy, dreary day, your automatic lights can adjust so that if a thunderstorm appears and the sky starts to darken, your lights will auto adjust and brighten. If you are having an office meeting and need soft lighting, you can push a button to make it happen.

Use Wi-Fi to Operate Lighting from Anywhere Via App. Smart switches can connect you to your office or commercial building network 24/7 no matter where in the world you happen to be. By providing access through Wi-Fi to remotely control the switch using an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn the lights on or off by hand or you can do it from far away. No more lying in bed wondering if you left the lights on. You can check from your phone.

Have the Ability to Change Color and Other Factors. LEDs produce different colors by using various materials that produce photons at different wavelengths. Those individual wavelengths appear as light of different colors. The two most popular colors available for LEDs are soft white (also called warm white) and bright white (also called daylight white). However, every color of the rainbow is possible.

Who Installs Commercial Lighting in Comal County?

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