household backup power generators and manual transfer switch panels

Prepare for Texas Storms with a Backup Generator

With Texas experiencing historic storms and temperatures, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries for emergency devices like household backup generators and manual transfer switch panels. Many people want to protect their families from the possibility of future blackouts. We can get your home ready for these kinds of unforeseeable emergencies now. Learn more about backup power generators for home use.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a backup generator for home use, you are not alone. Read our expert tips for using and installing power generators safely. We’ve also offered a recommendation for one of our favorite products in the home power generation space.

Learn how to use the generator BEFORE the next emergency.

Many people obtain a generator and then leave it in the box. Just having it in their garage brings them peace of mind. However, if an emergency ever does happen, you do not want to be fumbling in the dark figuring this thing out. 

And by that time, it may be much harder to find assistance from a professional for your backup household generator. An electrician will help you choose the right generator, but even if you’ve already purchased one, call an electrician to walk you through the steps of powering up and using your generator. Do a quick run-through. Emergencies affect your ability to think clearly, so prep as much as you can before the lights go out.

Get the right size generator for your needs.

All home power generators are not created equal. You need a good idea of how much power you will need to run your home so you don’t buy a machine that creates too little or too much power. Purchasing the incorrect voltage to power your appliances can cause all sorts of problems, from making your appliances run poorly to destroying their internal components. Purchasing the correct generator requires you to do a little research and to know the electrical needs of your home.

Don’t forget the manual transfer switch panel!

Generators are complicated machinery and the best way to make sure they are working correctly and to have them ready to go when you need them is to install a transfer switch. This option allows you to easily and safely start the generator and for the power to flow directly to the most important needs of your home, such as the refrigerator and heat sources. 

You can buy a manual transfer switch or an automatic transfer switch, but the manual switches are less expensive and easier to install. With an automatic transfer switch, you would receive no loss of power in a blackout. The power source would change to your generator immediately. With a manual transfer switch, you need to flick a switch to start this change.

A transfer switch changes the source of your home’s power from the “grid” that it usually uses to your personal power generator. With a transfer switch, starting the generator and using it safely are done automatically. The surest way to avoid electrical accidents with your generator is to use a manual transfer switch. For this reason, most states require people to use a transfer switch in conjunction with their generators.

What generators do we recommend?

At Afton Electric, we service and install several different kinds of household backup generators and are familiar with the intricacies that come with each machine. The size and model of your generator are really dependent on your personal factors, like the size of your home and the amount of electricity you usually use. Call us today and we can walk you through the important details to figure out the best generator for you.

No matter which generator you choose, we recommend that you also install a transfer switch. We are big fans of Generac’s HomeLink™ manual transfer switch because of its quality and ease of use. This model works seamlessly with generators starting at 5kW with a 30-Amp L14-30 receptacle. Our customers tell us they love the OneTouch transfer button because of how easy it is to operate, even during hectic emergencies.

Where can I purchase a backup power generator for my home?

If you are interested in exploring the options for household backup generators in your own home, Afton Electric can help. Hiring a professional electrician takes the worry out of completing repairs and upgrades in your home or business. Afton Electric specializes in residential and commercial electric work, including generator and transfer switch installation, in New Braunfels and Comal County. Call us today. We are happy to help you find the right power generator for your home.

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